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Tissu satin épais SARAH FOUGERE

In stock - Shipped within 24 hours.

Fabric by the meter created especially for the fans of Anatopik with fairy fingers
Let your creativity speak for itself.

This is the material of some of our snap skirts and chasuble dresses like the Sixtina .

Dimensions : 140 cm (length) x 100 cm (height)

Composition: 95% polyester 5% elastane

Machine washable 30°C. No fabric softener or dryer

Knitted and Printed in France / Grand Est / Vosges

Packed in France / StrasbourgwithESAT Les Ateliers du Petit Prince

Our fabrics are labelled OEKO-TEX®, they have been checked at each stage of processing: raw materials, yarns, dyeing. They do not contain any chemicals harmful to health or the environment.

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