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The history of the ANATOPIK brand

Once upon a time ... a desire for colors, a desire to make people dream and to tell stories about original clothes ...

Created in Strasbourg in 2004 by Véronique SCHOENY, the Anatopik brand has since been distributed in France and Europe in many multi-brand stores.

ANATOPIK is a poetic and playful brand. Its marvelous universe is built around patterns in bright and contrasting colors very often inspired by tales and legends. These patterns are the fruit of a collaboration with renowned illustrators. Little unusual and fantastic characters, fairies, witches and mischievous elves come to tell you stories about women's clothing.

Anatopik, more than a brand, a state of mind!

Do not be afraid of the wolf anymore, dream of Prince Charming, escape the ogre that stalks you, fly with Mary Poppins, escape through multicolored clouds, or soar in the air with a thousand fireflies;

Keep your child's soul, keep dreaming!

We select our fabrics from French and European suppliers.
We print our fabrics in workshops located in FRANCE: in the Grand Est region, and in the department of Ain but also in Belgium and Italy.
The production is given to trusted partners, established in Portugal and Italy.

Anatopik has chosen to produce in the European Union for:

respect for staff ensured by labor regulations
respect for the environment ensured by product certifications (Oeko Tex standard).
respect for quality ensured by proximity and possible controls

In 2017, ANATOPIK obtained the ALSACE label thanks to its convictions and its involvement in the region. Indeed, the creation of the collections is done only in Mulhouse and a large part of the prints is made in the Grand Est region.

The ALSACE mark is granted to companies that meet certain conditions. It is a regional label carried by humanist values ​​which gives great importance to innovation