Payment methods 

by credit card with 3D SECURE with PAYPLUG

PRIMAVERA (Anatopik brand) uses the 100% payment service, linked to the 3-D SECURE payment site which integrates the SSL security standard. Confidential data (card number, expiration date, cryptogram) are transmitted encoded directly to the PAYPLUG server and are in no case transmitted to our server. The 3D SECURE system requires additional verifications such as a code sent by SMS to your mobile phone. If you do not have this feature enabled, you must request it from your bank.

Paypal Payment

Log into your account and follow the instructions.

Payment in 3 installments by credit card

Log into your account and follow the Alma instructions. No fees for 3 instalements, fees applied for 4 instalements 

Payment by e-gift card

You can purchase electronic gift cards from our online store. To make the payment, all you have to do is enter the code that will have been communicated to you in the box reserved for promotional codes. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Authorized bank cards

Credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Bancocontact / Mistercash (Belgium), ELV (Germany).

Please note, beyond 4 attempts with the same bank card, it will be blocked in our system for 24 hours to prevent any fraudulent use.

"My payment is refused or my credit card is not listed, what can I do?»

Our anti-fraud system is designed to refuse payments made in a country other than the country of origin of the bank card used. For example, you cannot use a French card to place an order when you are traveling in Spain.

You can place your order with another bank card, wait 24 hours for the release to be made or make a payment by Paypal.

If the problem persists please contact us.

"Can I pay by check? "

Unfortunately, we only accept immediate payment methods for reasons of stock management.

"How can I combine payment by gift card with another payment method?" "

Our gift cards are issued in the form of a promo code to be entered when ordering. To combine several payment methods, all you have to do is enter your gift card code and select another payment method to complete your purchase.