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Our illustrators


A little paper world 

Chloé Rémiat uses the papier-mâché technique with creativity and talent! Its characters and decorative elements are hand carved before being meticulously painted and then photographed. His creations illustrate postcards and children's albums. His first collaboration with Anatopik dates back to 2010 with "Confiture de fée". Since then, she has playfully illustrated tales such as "Hansel and Gretel", "Alice in Wonderland", "Goldilocks", and many more ...



Happy bestiary

Cocotte en Papier, whose real name is Laëtitia Garcia, has fun bringing funny and endearing characters and animals to life. She could have become a graphic designer in the field of communication, but she prefers to be an illustrator.
Youth albums, festival posters, postcards, we find his creations on many media. She even creates frescoes in private homes or in schools.
His first collaboration with Anatopik was well received with the “Guinguette” motif (Fall-Winter 2015).


Lightness of the line

Amélie Laffaiteur is a Parisian illustrator. She exercises her talent on children's books as well as cards and puzzles. She works for publishing, stationery, textiles, the press, dishes ... She creates light, joyful, tender and funny drawings that reveal the beauty of the simplest things and the smallest happiness ... A feel-good illustrator who illuminates everyday life!
During her first partnership with Anatopik, she illustrates with candor and gaiety the tale "The Musicians of Bremen" (Spring-Summer 2020)


Between decoration and narration

After graduating as a textile designer, Pauline Cottereau Junker (Yunco) started out as a graphic designer alongside designer Christelle Le Déan. She proposed a collaboration with Anatopik for the Fall-Winter 2008 collection and then created "Nain which was a great success. Since then, she has multiplied the techniques, drawing, collage and model, to give birth to sometimes decorative, sometimes more narrative ... such “Chaperon” (Fall Winter 2009), which has become one of the brand's flagship motifs.


Un voyage tout en couleurs

Freelance illustrator since 2007, Marie Desbons works mainly for children's publishing, the world of games, toys, clothing and stationery.
She also regularly conducts illustration workshops with children and class meetings.
His first collaboration with Anatopik takes us to Africa with the “Safari” motif (Spring Summer 2014). Since then, his illustrations, vivid and colorful, have taken us to Japan "Carpe Koï" or to Florida "Sunset".


Fantasy and cheerfulness

Lucie has always known… when she grows up, she will draw! Her “Decorative Arts” diploma in hand, she finally realizes her dream and collaborates with a postcard publisher and various children's magazines.
Joyful and dreamy by nature, she creates colorful illustrations that adapt perfectly to the world of Anatopik. "Wonderful" (Spring Summer 2012) or even
“Ladylou” (Fall Winter 2014) are perfect examples.
For the Spring Summer 2006 collection, she created 7 characters that illustrate the 7 deadly sins ... she does not yet know that she will take up this theme 6 years later ...


Costume designer and illustrator

A beautiful winding course where she is in turn costume designer, designer of clothes and wedding dresses, graphic designer, exhibition scenographer, textile designer and illustrator, but always with a pencil in hand!
She collaborated with Anatopik for the first time in 2010 with the theme "Circus". From his reveries come graphic and poetic illustrations such as “Kite” or “Magic Flute”.


With outlines and fills

Sharon Turner lives in Nottingham, UK. She is passionate about drawing.
His work is inspired as much by nature and animals as by architecture.
His creations, graphic and colorful, are available on textiles, wallpaper, furniture and even decorative objects.
This British artist collaborates for the first time with Anatopik with the motif "the Crow and the Fox" released in Winter 2017.


Fantasies and delicacy

A graduate of the Rennes School of Fine Arts and of the ESNAM of Charleville Mézières, Marie-Rose Boisson has been a full-time illustrator since 2012. She has since illustrated numerous games and creative hobbies, a large number of books. for children, fabrics and stationery.
For her first collaboration with Anatopik, she created the motif "20,000 leagues under the sea". Since then, she regularly offers a poetic universe and
colorful highlighting the femininity of each.