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Payment in 3 times by credit card

A credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your ability to reimburse before committing yourself.


Payment in 3 or 4 installments by credit card is available for any purchase of a minimum amount of 100 €.

Compatible Cards

Cards accepted are French Mastercard and Visa only.


Fixed fee for 4 installements: 1.50% of the total amount of the order. 

No customer's fees for 3 installements

Terms and Conditions

After completing your order, simply click on the "3 times payment by credit card" button. You will then be redirected to the website of our partner Cofidis. You enter your personal information in order to validate your purchase. You then notify your electronic acceptance by ticking the corresponding checkbox. Cofidis reserves the right to accept or refuse your application. You have a 14-day withdrawal period to give up your credit.

Withdrawal schedule

One third of the amount (including VAT) of the order plus charges is debited when your order is prepared, the following two thirds are debited respectively one month and two months after the date of preparation of the order.

Example for an order of 210 € TTC (file and shipping costs included) validated on December 10th:

  • The first third, i.e. 73.15 € including tax, is taken on the day of order preparation, i.e. approximately December 12:
  • The second third, i.e. €70.00 including VAT, is debited one month after the order preparation date, i.e. on 12 January;
  • Levy of the last third, i.e. € 70.00 including VAT, two months after the order preparation date, i.e. 12 February.

In case of total cancellation of the order

Before the 1st withdrawal

No debit will be made on the credit card

After the 1st withdrawal

You will be automatically refunded the amount withdrawn and future withdrawals are cancelled. Any overpayment and the 1.50% fee will be refunded to your credit card.

In case of partial cancellation of the order

Before the 1st sampling

Readjustment of the 3 monthly payments

After the 1st withdrawal

Readjustment of the next 2 monthly payments.

After the 2nd sampling

Readjustment of the last monthly payment. The overpayment is refunded directly to the credit card used at the time of payment.